Spectator Code of Conduct

Spectators are an important part of the game and shall at all times conform to accepted standards of good sportsmanship and behavior.

  • Spectators shall at all times respect officials, coaches and players and extend all courtesies to them.
  • Wholesome cheering is encouraged.
  • Stamping of feet, taunting, foul and abusive language, inflammatory remarks and disrespectful signs and behavior are not acceptable.
  • Faculty supervised pep bands are permitted during “dead ball time.” However, spectator noise makers or sound devices are prohibited.
  • Spectators shall observe and obey the rules and regulations of the school concerning smoking, food and soft drinks consumption, use of lavatory facilities and parking of cars.
  • New York State law prohibits alcoholic beverages of any kind on school property; the law further prohibits any person under the influence of alcohol to be on school property.
  • Spectators shall respect and obey all school officials, supervisors, and police at all athletic contests.
  • Violators of this code are subject to eviction from the area.